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Reboot Your Business Course from Griffith College

Chambers Ireland, in association with Griffith College, have announced a free online business planning course for its 8,000 members nationwide. Starting on Thursday 30 April 2020, the course will address the key concerns that businesses are facing, including cashflow, crisis management and managing flexible working practices, and will assist them in developing plans to reboot their business.

Please find below the schedule and start times of Online Workshops as part of the Course:

Session 1 – Thursday, 30th April | 10.30am | About my business, where am I now? Where am I going? 

Session 2 – Tuesday, 5th May |  10.30am |  What do I want to develop? 

Session 3 – Wednesday, 6th May | 10.30 am | How am I going to develop my business post-COVID 19? 

Session 4 – Thursday 7th May | 10.30am | What resources do I need for my business development plan?  

Session 5 – Tuesday, 12th May | 10.30am | How will I pay for the resources I need? 

Session 6 – Wednesday, 13th May | 10.30am | Who I need to bring along with me? 

Session 7 – Thursday, 14th May | 10.30am | How do I protect my business and the people I work with? 

Session 8 – Tuesday, 19th May | 10.30am | Will I have to change my business and how do I make it happen? 

Session 9 – Wednesday, 20th May | 10.30am | How will I tell my customers? 

Session 10 – Thursday, 21st May | 10.30am | Staying Strong, Staying Well in Business – My Re-Booted Business Development Action Plan



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